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What is MATS

The Materials and Testing Services system (MATS) is a web application that was designed to assist in distributing paper exams and online exam access codes to proctors throughout the world. Additionally it aids in distributing course materials to broadcast classrooms throughout the state. Prior to MATS, all exam and course materials were distributing through email which was very cumbersome. With MATS, staff, proctrors, and faculty are better able to assist students.

How does MATS work?

Instructors who require proctored exams for their students are required to get their exam information (physical tests, access codes, handouts, etc) into MATS at least 2 business days before their testing date. Instructors can do this in two ways.

  1. Login to MATS and add the items themselves
  2. Send the items to

In either case, once the materials are added to MATS, certified proctors and USU staff are then able to access those materials and administer tests.

Instructors who are teaching broadcast classes in Utah sometimes have handouts to be distributed to their students in certain dates. MATS helps in this situation too. Add the materials to MATS or send them to just like testing info and specify the date in which the items need to be distributed and our classroom facilitators will handle the rest.

What else does MATS do

The MATS system allows students to schedule their tests online at USU testing centers around the state of Utah. Accommodation information is also distributed to proctors and USU staff through the MATS system. Soon, students will request their accommodations through MATS system.