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Viewing Course Details

In many places in MATS you will see course titles as links. Clicking a link will take you to the course details page. From the course details page you can access the proctored exams for the course, the course materials, other active instructions and your course enrollment. All of this information is accessible by clicking the various tabs on the page.

Course Names

Course names are determined by Canvas. However your course is listed in Canvas is how it will be listed in MATS. All of the cross-listed courses and enrollments are in a single course. Only courses from Banner will be found in MATS. Any courses generated manually by yourself or CIDI that are not in Banner will not be found here. If you need more help understanding how courses are rolled together and named, please contact CIDI.

course details pageCourse details page

Course Details Tabs

There are 4 course details tabs: Proctored Exams, Materials, Instructions, & Students. The Proctored Exams tab shows all the exams that have been added to the course and is where you can add or edit exams. The Materials tab shows all course handouts and is where you can add or edit them. The Instructors tab will show all users who have access to edit items in your course. The Students tab shows all enrolled students and their center. You can also download an enrollment list from the students tab which will include the student's email address.


The course accommodations tab will show all the students in a course who have requested accommodations. Below their name you will see their approved accommodations. 

Viewing Courses in Other Terms

By default your homepage/dashboard will only list courses in the current term. In order to see courses in other terms, you must click the My Courses link in the main navigation. The main navigation is found in the grey bar at the top of the page.

Granting Access to Teaching Assistants (TA)

By default, any user in Canvas who is enrolled in your course as a teacher will have access to modify the course items in MATS. If you need help adding teachers to your course in Canvas, please review the Canvas help guides on the CIDI website.