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Add Exams

In order to create a proctored exam in MATS, you must first navigate to the course details page. Once there, make sure you are on the Proctored Exams tab of the page navigation. At the bottom of the page click Add Exam.

Course Page
The course page with proctored exam tab selected

Exam Form

Once you are at the exam form you have two options:
  1. Fill out the form shown on the page.
  2. Import some of the data from a Canvas exam.
Import from Canvas button

When importing from Canvas, none of the data is synced after import. The import feature simply prefills the form with data from Canvas to speed up the process. You will have to make any changes to the dates or other data in both places after the exam is added.

After you fill out all of the fields in the form, click Create Exam and you will be sent to the exam details page.

Field Descriptions

Exam Name
The display name of the exam to USU staff, students and proctors. We recommend you make this the same as the exam name in Canvas so as to avoid confusion.
Exam Opens/Closes
These are the dates between which our staff will allow students to take the exam. Exam dates are required.
Time Limit (Hours Minutes)
The amount of time in minutes proctors will permit students to have when taking the exam. Time limits are required for testing centers to accommodate students and plan for volume.
Paper exams will require at least one material to be attached to the exam in order to be proctored. Online/Computer exams will prompt you for an access code. Please make sure this access code matches what you enter in Canvas.
Exam Return Format (Paper Only)
You have the option to have paper exams scanned and emailed digitally to you, mailed to you via university mail or both. If you choose not to receive physical copies of the exams, they will be destroyed at the end of the semester.
Selecting Proctored/Testing Center will allow students to make test reservations for the test at our testing centers. Selecting classroom will inform classroom facilitators that they need to print out the exam before the class.
Notes to Student
Instructions you want the student to have. While the student cannot see these instructors, you can make sure info written here will be conveyed to the student before the test.
Notes to Proctor
Please list any special instructions to the proctor in this field. Please do not put what is/isn't allowed on the test in this field. If you are making arrangements for a particular student to test outside the normal date range, enter that here.
Materials Allowed
Indicate what materials are allowed for the test. If you leave this field blank we will assume no materials are allowed for the test. Clicking the buttons below this field will help you quickly enter common items such as calculators, scratch paper etc.

Exam Materials

After you have added an exam you can add exam materials. Exam materials can be anything that you want the student to be able to use during the test, including the test itself for paper tests. If you need help adding exam materials, please review the Adding Exam Material guide.