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Adding Exam Materials

Materials can be added to an exam at any time from the exam details page. To navigate to the exam details page, click on an exam title from most pages in MATS. From the exam details page, click the Add Material button on the right.

add material page

Please use a descriptive and clear title for exam resources so proctors and testing center staff know what the material is. The notes field is optional on the add exam resource form, but use it for special instructions about the material. This is a good place to indicate when or how the material is to be distributed. If you need specific materials for specific students, include the student's name in the title and indicate handout instructions in the notes.

Please do not forget to add the exam materials for paper exams. If a paper exam is lacking an attachment, students who make reservations for that particular exam may have their reservations cancelled. Paper exams lacking attachments are viewed as incomplete by testing staff.

What if I don't create my exams until right before the test?

Please note that our policy is that all testing information and materials must be received at least 2 business days ahead of the start of the testing dates. Please be considerate to our testing staff and have your materials in on time. Some proctors may print out exam materials ahead of the testing date. If you want want to create your testing materials close to the testing date, and want to avoid student's test reservations getting cancelled, we ask that you add an attachment to the exam that is blank. We have had students show up to the testing center and there are no materials for us to access. 

Course Materials vs Exam Materials

Please only attach materials to exams that go with a particular exam. There is a different place to add materials that are to be distributed on a specific date in broadcast classes. To learn more about that, review the course material guide.