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Modify Exams

In order to create a proctored exam in MATS, you must first navigate to the exam details page. You can find the exam details page by clicking on an exam name from most pages in MATS.

Exam details pageThe exam details page

From the exam details page you can take several actions:

Editing the Exam

To edit the exam click the Edit Exam button. This will bring you to the exam form which looks exactly like the form when you create an exam. To review the fields on the exam form, please review the Add Exam guide. As a faculty member, when you add or edit an exam, our office will be notified of your changes and we may contact you if we notice any issues with your test. Please do not forget to attach test materials for paper exams.

Deleting the Exam

To delete the exam click the Delete Exam button. This will perform a soft delete of your exam. This means the exam will be recoverable, but only by contacting our office. When an exam is deleted, it will become inaccessible by all users of the system.

Viewing the Exam History

MATS records a detailed log of all changes to exams. If you wish to view the history of changes to an exam, click the Exam History button. The exam history will show each version of the exam data with changes highlighted in red.