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Student Accommodations

After students meet with the Disability Resource Center, they will be able to request accommodations for their courses in MATS. When a student requests accommodations for a course, you will receive an email notification asking you to agree to facilitate the accommodations. The next step is for you to login to MATS and agree to the accommodations requested.

Viewing Students with Accommodations in your Course

Students in your course who have requested accommodations will appear on the course profile page. To view the course profile page click the course name from the dashboard. Once you are on the course profile page click the Accommodations tab to see the students in your course who have requested accommodations.

Agreeing to Accommodations

In the accommodations tabs, if there are any students listed that have an I Agree button next to their name, this means their request is waiting on you. Clicking "I Agree" next to a student's name below indicates that you agree to facilitate the DRC approved accommodations. Depending on the format of your class you will facilitate the students accommodation in one of the following ways.

  • Adding accommodations in Canvas for all Canvas assessments
  • Providing assessment materials in MATS for any proctored assessment
  • Or arranging with the student to provide the DRC approved accommodations yourself

If you have questions or concerns regarding a student's accommodations contact the DRC at