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Add Course Materials

In order to add a course material, you must first navigate to the course details page. Once there, make sure you are on the Materials tab of the page navigation. At the bottom of the material list click Add Material

add course material page
Course Details Page

Material Form

After you click Add Course Material you will be prompted to fill out the course material form. There are 4 fields on the form, with the Notes field being optional.

material form
Add Material Form
This is the name of the file and will be displayed to the classroom facilitators. The name is not critical, but can be helpful for those organizing materials for class.
Handout Date
The handout date is the date of your class in which you want the material distributed.
Resource File
The resource file is the file you upload. While most common file formats are permitted, we recommend using PDFs as they will always maintain their formatting when printing. Uploading word documents or other file types may lose their formatting when the facilitator prints them.
Add any special notes needed about the file or it's distribution in this field.

How to Preview a Course Material

After a material has been added, you can go back to the course details page at any time and download the material for viewing or printing. Simply click the material name in the list, and when the material form comes up, click on the link in the form.

modify material form
Modify Material Form

Can I Change the File After I Upload It

No, you cannot. If you wish to alter the file, simple delete the course material and upload another version of it.

What types of files can I Upload

The following file formats are accepted, however we recommend PDF files where possible:

  • PDF - Portable Document Format
  • GIF - Graphics Interchange Format
  • JPG (JPEG) - Joint Photographic Experts Group
  • PNG - Portable Network Graphics
  • CSV - Comma Separated Values
  • TXT - Plain Text
  • DOC (DOCX) - Microsoft Word
  • XLS (XLSX) - Microsoft Excel
  • PPT (PPTX) - Microsoft PowerPoint
  • RTF - Rich Text Format

What Shouldn't I Upload as a Course Material

Please do not upload tests, testing materials, student sensitive data, grades, or any private information. While the data you upload is protected, we ask that you follow these guidelines. Course materials should be limited to non-test handouts that you want students to have on a specific date.