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Modify Course Material

In order to edit a course material in MATS, you must first navigate to the course details page. You can find the course details page by clicking on a course title from most pages in MATS. After you navigate to the course details page, click the Materials tab and then select one of the existing materials by clicking on it's name. If you need to add a mateiral, review the Add Course Material guide.

modify course materialModify Course Material

From the course material window you can take the following actions:

  • Edit the material details
  • Delete the material
  • Download the course material

Edit the Course Material

To edit the course material, simply make the necessary changes to the course material form and click Save. Please note, you cannot edit the course material file after you have created it. You can only make changes to the name, handout date and notes. If you need to replace the file, please delete it and create another. As a faculty member, when you add or edit a course material, our office will be notified of your changes and we may contact you if we notice any issues with your material.

Deleting the Course Material

To delete the course material click the Delete button. This will perform a soft delete of your material. This means the course material will be recoverable, but only by contacting our office. When a course material is deleted, it will become inaccessible by all users of the system.