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Finding Proctors

Start by clicking the Find Proctor link in the main navigation. From this page, you can find proctors in your area, or you can search by their name or email address.

find-proctor-screenProctor Search Screen

By default, the form will expect you to search by your location or your address. If you wish to search by your current location, click the use your current location link. If you wish, you can enter all or part of an address in the form field and then click Search. After searching, the results will appear below the form along with a map.

proctor-mapProctor Map

Selecting a Proctor

From this screen (searching by name will bring up a table), you can view details about the proctor by clicking the View Proctor Details button (click the proctor name on the table). From the proctor details page you can click Save Proctor. Once you save the proctor, that proctor will then have permission from USU to view your exam materials and proctor your tests.

Saving a proctor in the system does not constitute an agreement by a proctor to administer your tests. You MUST contact the proctor before you select them AND before you test with them to make sure they are available to proctor your tests. Saving a proctor is required to grant them access to your testing information.

After Finding a Proctor

After you select a proctor, you do not need to come back to MATS to take tests. You only need to work out the testing details with your proctor. All scheduling for your exams are between you and your proctor. You should contact them before you select them and before every test you wish to take (or per their guidelines).

What to do if you can't find a proctor

If you cannot find a suitable proctor in MATS, you have the option to invite someone to become a certified proctor. Certification can take several days so please do not invite a proctor and intend to have them proctor your tests immediately. Review the guidelines for who can be a proctor before inviting a proctor. To invite a proctor, click the Invite Proctor link on the main navigation and fill out the form on the page.

After you invite a proctor, you will receive an email notification when the proctor either becomes certified or is rejected. Do not invite an proctor and then contact our office, or have the proctor contact our office, asking that we rush the certification process. It is your responsibility to find a proctor in a suitable amount of time to take your tests.

Do I need to contact the proctor

Yes. While all proctors in our system are certified to be USU proctors, you must contact them and have them agree to proctor your tests. You should contact them before selecting them before each test you wish to take.

What if I am taking tests at a USU Campus

If you intend to take tests at one of our USU campus locations you do not need to select them as a proctor in our system. You will still however, need to work out the details of your testing time. Some locations allow for scheduling online in MATS. Click the Testing Center link in the main navigation to see which locations have online test scheduling. If a location does not offer online test scheduling, contact them directly to schedule your test.