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Requesting Accommodations

Before you can request accommodations in MATS you must first meet with the Disability Resource Center at least once. They will determine which accommodations you may have at Utah State University. After they have approved accommodations, you will then be able to request them in MATS.

To request accommodations for a course, login to MATS and on the dashboard you will see a list of your currently enrolled courses. Next to each one you will see a button that says Request Accommodations. Clicking that button will notify the instructor of the course that you will need accommodations for that particular course.

Where can I take tests with my accommodations

If you are enrolled in Logan face-to-face classes and have testing accommodations you will take your tests at the Disability Resource Center (DRC). If you are enrolled in Online or Broadcast classes you will take your tests at the Logan testing center. The new Logan testing center has a separate room for students who need no distraction or screen readers or other special software to take tests. Students with certain accommodations however may still be required to test at the DRC. The staff at the DRC will notify you of this when meeting with you. Students outside of Logan will have to make sure that their certified proctor or testing location can accommodate you.