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Submitting Exams & Materials

USU E-Learning Testing Services is committed to the highest standard of academic integrity. The online materials & testing system (MATS) has been designed to assist students in finding certified proctors and testing locations and securely distributing course material as well as exam access codes to proctors and testing centers around the state of Utah. This service is for all USU students.

Steps to submitting existing Canvas exams for proctoring

Exams given in testing centers must have a valid start date, end date, and time limit before students will be allowed to schedule their exam. Proctored online exams also require supplemental data (proctor notes, allowed materials, & student notes) to be entered.

  1. Log into MATS
  2. Select the course from the Courses Teaching dashboard
  3. Select Add Exam
    • If the exam exists in Canvas, you can select Import from Canvas to bring in some of the required information.
  4. Complete the form

Please include all necessary information: the date(s) the exam or materials should be available to students, the exam file (if paper), allowed materials (scratch paper, calculators, etc.), and time limit. Students should also be advised to put their name on all pages of submitted material. This will reduce confusion if scanned pages are separated. Exam and Material information can also be sent to

No-Test Days Policy

A five-day period designated as "no-test" days precedes final examinations. During this time, no major examinations, including final examinations will be given in order that students may concentrate on classwork, the completion of special assignments, writing projects, and other preparation for duly scheduled final examinations. Approved exceptions include: final papers, weekly chapter quizzes, quizzes, projects, and examinations associated with a lab that does not meet during final examinations.

Finals Week

Finals week is reserved for final exams only. All non-final exams, such as chapter or unit quizzes, should be completed before finals week.

  • Do not schedule mulitple exams with end dates during finals week.
  • Encourage your students to complete non-final exams early.

How materials are returned

The standard exam return method is for centers to scan and email PDFs to the instructor within 24 hours of an exam. Material information can also be sent to Physical copies can also be mailed to Regional Campus faculty through campus mail at the request of the instructor. Logan faculty should collect exam materials in-person from the Testing Center.

Proctors and employees at the centers cannot grade materials or assist with anything that can affect a student's grade.

Centers store hard copies of all materials for 1 semester after the course has ended. Older materials are destroyed.

Things to Remember

      • Send documents in .docx or PDF files (file names cannot have symbols: #, $, etc).
      • Messages cannot be emailed directly to site facilitators or proctors. Facilitators/proctors receive posted materials in MATS.
      • Facilitators and employees at the sites cannot grade materials.
      • Graded materials cannot be posted to MATS (to return these materials to student they need to be sanned/emailed back to the sites).
      • The Respondus Lock-Down browser is not supported by all testing centers and cannot be used for online exams.
      • IVC Concurrent Enrollment courses cannot have materials posted to MATS (as most facilitators for these courses are not USU employees). The instructor will need to gather emails from the high school facilitators and email any printed class materials to them.
      • Exam materials must be posted 2 business days before the exam begins.
      • Exams given in Testing Centers must span at least 2 days or more to accomodate students.
      • Paper or Non-Canvas exams can be submitted through MATS or emailing
      • Scantron exams are not supported. Contact the IT Service Desk - (435) 797-HELP for information on Scantron Grading services. You may also contact CIDI - (435) 797-9506 for assistance converting exams to an online format.

We have a responsibility to create a secure environment, to treat all students equally, to follow national standards, and to support testing for all classes. Instructors unwilling to comply with these policies are not required to use testing services. Instructors may request a formal review of policies they consider unreasonable.


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