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General Testing Information

Any assessments given by USU Testing Centers, regional campus locations, or certified proctors worldwide, must be submitted to the Materials and Testing Services site (MATS).

To ensure testing centers can provide the best service, exam information and materials must be submitted by the following deadlines:

2 business days advance notice required
  • All written assessments give in testing centers (available over multiple days)
  • Online exam information & passwords for proctors worldwide

NOTE: Scantron exams are not supported. Contact the IT Service Desk - (435) 797-HELP for information on Scantron Grading services. You may also contact CIDI - (435) 797-9506 for assistance converting exams to an online format. Additional instructions can be found under Submit Materials.

When should exams be scheduled?

To make the most efficient use of testing center resources, and limit the number of exams scheduled on a given day, we encourage faculty to follow the schedule below when selecting their exam dates. Exams given in Testing Centers must span 2 or more days to accommodate all students. Please note: We are able to set specific exam opening and closing dates, but not specific exam cutoff times. Students will be allowed to schedule exams for the entire time the testing center is open during an exam day.

First Class Meeting Day Exam Days Final Exam Days**
Monday Mon - Wed Mon - Tue
Tuesday Tue - Thur Tue - Wed
Wednesday Wed - Fri Wed - Thur
Thursday Thur - Sat Thur - Fri
Friday* Fri - Tue Thur - Fri
Online Courses Mon - Sat Mon - Fri
(e.g. If a class meets on MWF, the first meeting day is M and regular exam days are Mon - Wed. Final exams given in testing centers would be given on Mon - Tue)

* It is recommend to avoid Friday due dates to allow online students to test during weekends.
** All course finals are expected to be finished by 5:00 p.m. on the last day of the session/semester, usually Friday of finals week. As a result final exams given in testing centers follow a 2-day window, not including Saturdays. 

Paper Exams

Paper exams will be printed and given to students at the testing center. All paper exams will include a cover sheet, generated by the testing center, and will be printed two sided. Time limits for paper exams will not be enforced by testing center staff. It is up to the students to keep track of their time during the exam. Instructors should set their own penalties for students who go over their exam time.

How do I submit Exams/Materials?

Exams and materials are submitted through MATS or by emailing materials to Additional instructions can be found under Submit Materials.

How do students schedule to take their exam?

Students can schedule exams at USU campus testing centers or by going to , selecting "Schedule an Exam", logging in, and selecting "Testing Center" or "Find a Proctor". In some cases students may need to select a certified proctor before scheduling.

How are exam exceptions handled?

To allow specific students exceptions (i.e. take an exam early or extra time), faculty must notify Testing Services by sending an email to The email should specify the students' name, A#, course, exam #, and the exception to be made.

How do I give exams for students finishing an incomplete?

Proctors only have access to exam passwords for classes which are active during the current semester. If you have a student who is finishing an incomplete please send all testing information to The email should specify the students' name, A#, course, and exam #. If your tests are in Canvas, you can also add the student to your current semester Canvas course. 

Reporting Academic Integrity Violations

Consistent with the expectations of the Student Code of Conduct, individuals caught engaging in any of the above-described behaviors will be reported to Student Services as an Academicy Integrity Violation and to their instructor for appropriate disciplinary action.

Per the USU student code: SECTION VI-3. Discipline Regarding Academic Integrity Violations an instructor has full autonomy to evaluate a student’s academic performance in a course. If a student commits an academic violation the instructor may sanction the student. Application of this sanction must follow Section VI-4 procedural policy. Such sanctions may include:

  • Requiring the student to rewrite a paper/assignment or to retake a test/examination.
  • Adjusting the student’s grade - for either an assignment/test or the course.
  • Giving the student a failing grade for the course.

Additional disciplinary action beyond instructor sanction shall be determined by the Judicial Officer and the University.

No-Test Days Policy

A five-day period designated as "no-test" days precedes final examinations. During this time, no major examinations, including final examinations will be given in order that students may concentrate on classwork, the completion of special assignments, writing projects, and other preparation for duly scheduled final examinations. Approved exceptions include: final papers, weekly chapter quizzes, quizzes, projects, and examinations associated with a lab that does not meet during final examinations.

Finals Week

Finals week is reserved for final exams only. All non-final exams, such as chapter or unit quizzes, should be completed before finals week.

  • Do not schedule multiple exams with end dates during finals week.
  • Encourage your students to complete non-final exams early.


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