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Getting Started

USU Academic & Instructional Services has partnered with Proctorio to provide virtual proctoring for fully online courses. This service is free for online students. 

Proctorio is an automated remote proctoring service that uses computers to monitor student behavior. Sounds complicated? It's not! Proctorio makes it super easy to set up and review exams.Proctorio is deeply integrated with Canvas and lets you use the same interfaces you know and love. There's no syncing or exporting or anything like that. It's all right here. Proctorio encourages learning and ensures that all your students are playing by the rules. Who's rules, you might ask? Yours! Proctorio puts the power back in the hands of the professor, allowing you to create the perfect exam environment.

If you change your mind, that's cool too. Proctorio lets you change settings at any time to highlight just the things that you're interested in within the gradebook. If you ever have any questions, Proctorio is here to help 24/7. We have hundreds of help articles and are always happy to give a demo. Feel free to reach out!

Ready to get started? Just scroll down and we'll walk you through getting everything set up.

Getting Set Up

Installing Google Chrome

When you're ready to set up a proctored exam you will need to use Google Chrome. Chrome is fast, secure, and works on any computer - best of all is free!

To install Chrome on your computer please go here:

Once Chrome has downloaded you'll need to use it to access your exams. Do not use Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

Installing the Proctorio Extension

Proctorio also requires a small app that needs to be added to Chrome. You only need to do this once. Download the Proctorio Chrome Extension (login required).


Quiz Setup with Proctorio 

Proctorio can be added to any quiz at any time. It can be a new quiz, existing quiz, or even a course shell. All it takes is a single click to secure your exam!


Once that's set up, we can get things customized to your exact liking. Just head to the Proctorio Settings and select the options that best fit your exam environment.


Exam Review with Proctorio

Proctorio analyzes the videos in real-time. There's no waiting around for the results. Once your students have taken your proctored exams, the gradebook is available and can be easily accessed, right here in Canvas.


Proctorio can be used to highlight specific events as well. All we need to do is head over to the Proctorio Settings tab within the gradebook and customize the settings just to your liking!


Controlling Who Can Use Proctorio  

Using the “Exam Flexibility” feature available through the “Moderate Quiz” option, Proctorio can be enabled/disabled for specific students. This feature allows faculty to determine which students can use Proctorio and which students need to arragne a live proctor (e.g. testing center). 

  1. When editing the exam details, look under “Quiz Restrictions” and select “Enable secure exam proctor”.
  2. Go to the Top and select “Proctorio Settings” Then choose the settings you prefer for the exam.
  3. Save the exam and publish it. Then select “Moderate Quiz” Scroll to the bottom and select “Make Exam Flexible”.
  4. Uncheck the checkmark (Under the Proctorio symbol column) for every student you do not want to use Proctorio.
  5. Select “Change Proctorio Access Settings
  6. Scroll down and copy the exam password (this password in generated by Proctorio and proctors will need it to access the exam).
    Put that password in for the access code in USU Materials & Testing Services where proctors can access the passwords.

Help and Support

Proctorio loves to make it easy to get instant help and support. The fastest and easiest way to contact support is using "the shield" icon. 

The shield is only present after you install the extension.


If you are still having trouble getting Chrome or the extension installed, please contact us.

Phone: 480-428-0692 or 1-866-948-2039

(Please note, these numbers are for faculty only! Student specific phone numbers are available in the student guide.)

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