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Information for Non-USU Students

Contact your institution

USU Testing Centers can proctor exams for other colleges, universities, or specific programs. Contact your local USU Testing Center to confirm they can administer your exam. You'll also need to contact your institution and find out what the process is for taking proctored tests away from the main campus. Each institution handles off campus exam proctoring differently. The examinee is responsible for communication with their institution regarding proctoring and arranging the delivery of testing materials.

Contact USU Testing Services

Once you have contacted your institution, the next step is to contact USU Testing Services to find out if we are able to proctor your exams and to make sure we understand how we will get the exam materials from your institution.

USU Testing services

Make an appointment

After you have confirmed that we can proctor your exams, you will need to contact us to make an appointment to take your exam.

  • We cannot schedule an appointment until we have received your exam.
  • Appointments need to be made at least 48 hours in advance and are given as space is available.
  • Students should contact the testing center directly to make an appointment.

Pay the Fee

  • There is a $10 per fee visit for all non-USU exams.
  • The fee is paid at the testing center before you take your exam.

We do not proctor exams that require:

  • Special software downloads
  • Use of lockdown browser
  • Verbal Instructions
  • Timed Warnings
  • Use of a personal phone or computer

To schedule an appointment, or for more information, please contact your local USU Testing Center.

For admissions, entrance, placement, or other exams (such as ACT, GRE, or PRAXIS exams) please contact the USU Career Services Testing Center at (435) 797-1004.